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We all think our mama makes the BEST greens. Ha! Well… I KNOW my mama did. Mrs. Melba was known for her fried collards. It wasn’t technically fried but— my mother never boiled her greens. It was a unique recipe. She would wash, cut and clean the greens. After doing so she’s coat the pan with oil and of course boil the meat separately. She would put the greens in the pan with the excess water from the bowl and then season and add the meat. Placing the lid on top steaming them just enough so they remained crunchy. It was so superb! She would mix collards and mustards—yes.. indeed it was a treat to our ENTIRE soul. This mask will supply your coils with antioxidants you never knew of. The greens blended in this mask are AMAZING! Grab a jar and provide your coils with a antioxidant/vitamin treat.

Honey's Handmade Melba's Mixed Greens Deep Conditioning Mask

  • Distilled H20 (Infused w/Jasmine Rice), Spinach, Broccoli, Kale Extract, Neem, Sal, Mango, Horsetail, Glycerin

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