• NATURAL HAIR GROWTH AND RETENTION SUPPLEMENTS: Manetabolism KIDS grows hair on the scalp longer, thicker, and healthier. Our complete children gummies supply nourishment to promote and increase healthy hair, nails, and skin.
  • SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR KIDS: Everyone needs essential vitamins and nutrients to keep our bodies and hair healthy. This is a daily complete dietary supplement formulated specifically for boys and girls for healthy hair in children 2 and up!
  • FOR CHILDREN ONLY: These are not strong enough or recommended for an adult. Men or women will not receive desired stronger hair results with Manetabolism Kids (Manetabolism Plus is recommended for adults).
  • MULTI-VITAMIN FORMULA: Enriched with multiple vitamins, these increase hair growth, and strength. Vitamin A produces sebum for the thickness and shine of your hair, while Vitamin B6 increases the flow of blood to the hair follicle and scalp.
  • GLUTEN-FREE & DAIRY FREE: Manetabolism KIDS Healthy Hair Growth Vitamins are gluten-free and dairy-free to ensure the best quality care for your little ones.

THE MANE CHOICE - MANETABOLISM Kids: Healthy Hair Growth Vitamins (60 Gummies)

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