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Icon Beauty is booming!

Hi guys! This is Janelle, just checking in and updating you guys. Business at Icon is booming and I am super grateful for the success God has afforded to me and all of the support I have received.

If you are aspiring to open a beauty supply store, or any business for that matter, I encourage you to go for it! The time is now! Don't step out there without a plan, but just know that you won't be sure of everything and that is ok. Someone once told me, "water doesn't have grip on it." This means, if you are stepping out on faith, don't expect every step to be sure and steady. Keep walking anyway. Every step you take in purpose is more sure than the last. Find a mentor, find a tribe, surround yourself with people who fully support you, create your dream team (sometimes it may not be anybody you already know) and go after it with all your might!

Alright, now that we got that covered, if you haven't shopped with us already, pay us a visit! We are getting new inventory in all the time and we are open to suggestions on what products we should carry. We pride ourselves in customer service and creating a positive shopping environment for OUR PEOPLE. We are proudly black owned and we aim to create a new narrative about black owned businesses. EXCELLENCE is synonymous with ICON and we won't give you all anything less. It's up!

Until next times ICONS,

Janelle Cato

CEO, Icon Beauty Supply

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