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Minding my Black Owned Business

Hey Icons! I just wanted to drop a little line about this topic, having a black owned business. Icon's physical location has been open a little more than 5 months now and things are going great. However, I want to address an elephant in the black owned business owners are treated. So let's start with the positive. Things can be really good at times. We can collab. We can support each other. We can receive lots of encouragement from our community. However, at times this is not the case. As a people, I feel we can hold each other to an unfair standard.

As a business owner, I strive to have a spirit of excellence in all I do and I train my employees to do the same. There are instances where we will fall short. At this moment, it is very easy for congratulations to turn to criticism. Now guys, this isn't a rant but this is information sharing.

This has been my experience. You cannot please everyone. Some will still say it happened because you are black. Some will still expect more from you because you are black. However, you have to run your business with blinders on. This blog is for business owners and potential business owners and this is a tool you will need to have in your tool box. If you have stepped out on faith to open a business, do not let any one discourage you. Accept constructive feedback and keep moving. Block out any negativity that comes your way because it will happen.

Stay focused on your goals and let's win! Keep fighting and don't give up! We are better together! Support a fellow business today. Sharing a post, liking an advertisement and giving a word of encouragement are free!

Have a great day, ICONS!

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